Business Areas & Expertise

Media relations

“Establishing strong, privileged bonds with journalists thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the media world”.

Our role: to create the right message, target the right networks, choose the right moment in time

We ensure you are given optimal media visibility, irrespective of the channel concerned – TV, radio, written press and/or web. We work hand-in-hand with a powerful network of journalists with whom we have been associated for many years.

Public affairs

“Pinpointing decision centres, knowing who opinion leaders are and lobbying circles of influence.”

Our role: to promote your stances in the institutional sphere

We anticipate legislative and regulatory trends in your ecosystem and strengthen your bonds with representatives of the public and political arena, using our network and our expertise.

Digital communication

“Integrating digital influence into an overall communication strategy.”

Our role: to create and consolidate your digital reputation within a strategy of influence

We apply our knowledge of social media practices and codes to real-time identify emerging trends, to expand and engage your community, to boost proactivity and to tailor editorial content to key influencer expectations.

Crisis communication

“Overcoming the negative repercussions of a crisis situation.”

Our role: to avert a crisis, limit it and master its effects

We focus on crisis management prerequisites – anticipate, train, apply. We accompany you, from the moment a crisis is detected through to post-crisis monitoring, by rolling out procedures, training courses and high-performance tools.

Corporate social communication

“Providing corporate change management services.”

Our role: to ensure an optimal communication strategy to safeguard your corporate reputation

Strategies for change, staff downsizing, site closures… expose businesses to unconventional situations likely to undermine them and to possibly damage their stability and their image. We accompany you with proven processes to secure you against these risks by promoting executive strategic decisions.

Legal communication

“Accompanying legal professionals with communication tailored to their ecosystem.”

Our role: to tailor your offer in a hyper-competitive environment

We help you define your stance so that you may establish a unique identity and enhance your business reputation. We also accompany you to boost your relationships with media world and from public arena influencers.

Judicial communication

“Addressing the judicialization and litigiousness of society and the heightened media attention given to affairs.”

Our role: to anticipate and analyse the repercussions of an affair, to implement a communication strategy keyed to a defence strategy

Today, the media hype surrounding affairs and lawsuits entails unprecedented challenges for image and reputation. Through our thorough understanding of the judicial environment, we accompany you to sensitize public opinion and all parties involved to the implications of a lawsuit and to its consequences.

event creation

“Influence-dedicated concepts and ideas.”

Our role: to initiate public relations actions to promote your reputation

Think tanks, creative forums and idea labs are now an essential part of open debate. We accompany you in creating and organizing these different events. These networking opportunities are highly-positive image and media actions, creating bonds and recognized as being effective.